Twitch drops lost

Since the patch was huge and took half a day for me to download, I was not able to link twitch account to Conan exiles-- on PS4, so I lost all day 1 drops. Is there any chance to have the drops happening again?

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I hope so. I really hate having these weird ways to get locked out of content.

Hey there.

Sadly i believe its one time only mate, i sadly lost the Gloves and the Torch from day one aswell. But oh well at least il get the rest of the items. Also dont forget we have a community event going on right now. Which will give everyone a Full set and a horse Saddle for killing 50M Mobs/Npcs


If you watched any Conan stream with drops enabled, for two hours, and also claimed the drops, you should be fine. The twitch link could be done later on.

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Unfortunately I discovered about drops only after launching the game, after download. So happened what I wrote. Anyway, no problem. Big issue is playing now, they did bad math, only 9 pve servers for Europe…bah!

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