Twitch gaming show.. (excited? , i am already)

ok this was announced a couple hours.,

anyone care to guess what could be the news they will announce on may 6?

just for fun, this is an speculating thread , please NO BUGS, or complaints about how broken some parts of the game are, ( i know already what’s broken and whatnot)

edit : i promise i will place a note here, saying who hit the nail , with those predictions.


We’re announcing my birthday and an exciting line of new pink argyle-patterned dyes to celebrate



lol, is it your birthday ? really!? if so… ill make sure i congratulate you on may 6! XD ,
on the dyes… well, i will be hilarious to find those new argyle patterned new dyes for armor lol!!! . but to be honest : i think it will be best to have argyle-patterned war paints XD

i will make you accountable for not disclosing your birthdate on may 6 , just saying ! :rofl: :rofl:

I shall begin prayers and sacrifices to our lord and savior Set for sorcery and armor mannequins.

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yay to that! i wish thats coming.

the other thing i would love to see announced is radium gems braziers, or the capacity to change the flame color of those regular braziers, all of them come with the same boring orange like fire… maybe a brazier that will take a dye to make different colors as with the radiant torchs ?

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I guess there will be an announcement and a new trailer for the full release of Isle of Siptah. (Even if I don’t think Siptah feels finished.)


It’s May 6! :stuck_out_tongue:


I will be at work but will you be able to post a video link after for those of us who cannot watch or will you not as I hope it to be available on YouTube or some where

I hope its the server transfer that is comming :slight_smile:

May 6th is official release anniversary as well if I am not mistaken…
Maybe the official release of Siptah date will be announced.

Hopefully it’s more than the release date. I assume most PC players wouldn’t be super excited about that as we have most of the Siptah content already.


I bet it’s gonna be siptah release date like other people already said…

I hope it’s not true as it’s far far away from finished.

Release date was to be at 3.0 and EA is only at 2.4 so I’m not sure if it’s being full release yet

Really? I thought 2.4 was supposed to be the last big content drop before Siptah release…

Unless they changed it as it was to also be full release first quarter of this year but plans were set back for them but I do know they pushing to 3.0 for game but that’s also saying that they could have changed or I misinterpreted what they meant. But either way I don’t care witch updates it comes with cause it be in my library ether way👍

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I don’t think we’ll get 2.5, 2.6, …, 2.9 versions anymore. Didn’t they even say that the full version of Siptah should come in the first quarter of 2021? More versions would easily need time till the end of the year.

Sweaters of Set, by Calvin Klein


I hope we get rhinos as flying mounts :kappa:


Almost. It was May 8th. I have no idea why I remember that :man_shrugging:

They could go from 2.4 to 3.0, the minor version is not like the seconds hand on the clock :wink:



They will reveal that finally, thralls will be nerfed. :rofl:

Interested to see what this is all about. :wink:

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