Twitch gaming show.. (excited? , i am already)

Unless they change thier policy, then no wipes on officials.

This is basically the stream in a nutshell.

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So basically hyped up all players only to give twitch streamers and console players big news.

Don’t get me wrong, Great for both. I am an ex consoles.
I don’t do twitch. I understand that is a great way for people to socialize and possibly earn extra money. But this news changes very little. Did not see what kind of drops, but it is another dev working with a small group of hardcore gamers, ala mod support, and neglecting casual and pure gamers.

Thank you !

So… the 2.4 version is almost the release version, yes ?

It was the most none-informative stream I have ever seen.

I was expecting some news about the up-coming character transfer etc. But we got 5 ADS and just a recap of the content we already know? /facepalm You where only talking to new players, nothing to us, who have been here since the beginning of early access.


Also, an announcement we’re coming to Xbox & PC Gamepass, full Siptah launch on all platforms on May 27th and Twitch drops!


I swear, they only got us hyped us so we’d tune in and watch 5 seconds of the new trailer only to be barraged by 8 30 second ads. Only to return to the stream after the trailer was over. If their goal was to ensure I never watch anything on that twitch channel again mission accomplished.


Yep. I’ll know to ignore the Twitch announcements from now on. A simple recap could have saved me a lot of wasted time today.


Gamepass when? Console preorder or was the early access mount for PC only?

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what does it mean twitch drops ? sorry not getting it,


It means that news just dropped on Twitch

Thats some really “big announcement” …

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If you were honestly expecting more than a release date announcement and maybe a little fluff, you only have yourself to blame. There were literally zero indicators that there would be anything other than the release date.

As for what was announced, which I didn’t see so I’m just going off of what other’s have reported:

Release date: Great. Doesn’t mean a whole lot other than being a milestone, but still good news. Particularly for those on console.

Twitch Drops: Kinda curious how that’s gonna work. Not big on Twitch though. I prefer playing games to watching people play them while thanking people for subs and whatnot.

Microsoft Gamepass: Bleh. I suppose that’s good for people who choose to go that route, but my taste for subscription services has greatly soured over the years.


i love this! more decayed bases!!!

where can i watch the video? sorry i missed it

Step one, link your game account with your Twitch account.

Step two, watch a streamer who is streaming that game.

Step three, at some point during the stream, a “drop” will occur.

That’s all there is to it. Drops are typically something like a free lootbox for games that have lootboxes. Sometimes they have Twitch exclusive items like a mount or something you can only get from twitch drops.


You can watch the Siptah retrospective and release date trailer here: Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah - New and enhanced - YouTube

Once the TwitchGaming broadcast is over we can link you the full VOD with the time our segment started, and hopefully it won’t drop a full 7-ad break in the middle of it :kappa:

Conan Exiles will participate in the Twitch Drops system, with exclusive armor and placeable sets :slight_smile:


for you! !! i love news! and the release will bring a lot of new players and of course, new life to exiles.

BTW @Community since siptah is coming out. before it fix the thralls getting stuck in building pieces… i would consider this a critical fix , (i am sure you want people to provide good feedback!) its a really nasty bug that breaks inmersion, and sometimes takes ages to teleport back to you…

An Xplanation… Xbox live $12.99/month to play online. Xbox live ultimate $14.99/month play online an includes game pass. Gamepass is a list of games available to play without purchasing. So basicly i pay an extra $2 a month and get to play a bunch of games without having to buy them works for both Xbox and windows PC. When Conan comes to game pass i will finally be able to play it on my new PC without having to pay for it again.