Twitch gaming show.. (excited? , i am already)

I will buy it but won’t put it on my server any time soon. Will stick with Exiles and play Sipath elsewhere till bugs are under control.

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That says to me that it will be a release date for Siptah, since it’s supposed to come to consoles at that point. Beyond that there might be a couple of dungeons or something, but really the release date seems to be the safe bet.


Conan Exiles released at Epic Games (Based on what I follow) :bongocat:
CrossPlay (Based on what many want) :thinkup:
New DLC that unites Siptah with exile. (Based on what I want! Obs: this is impossible for me) :psyduck:


There aren’t that many bugs on the PC version, at least nothing really game breaking.

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The game will be on the cloud, no more client side updates.:wink:

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and what does that have anything to do with conan?

Maybe they’ll finally make Conan taller? I never liked the midget version xD

Dude it is a joke, are you kidding me? Lighten up.


Personally, I hope it’s a massive DLC pack full of all sorts of things they threw at the wall but couldn’t find a home for.

Officially, however, my prediction will center around the new launcher and its various implications. My guess is some type of cross-platform play.

Hmmm…yes. Crossplay… :smiling_imp:


Damn Funcom, now I have Leonardo running around shouting… PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!..
Well running may be an exaggeration, but he is driving me crazy right now :pizza: :rofl:

Yeah they said that was plan but I would also like to point out that most did not like current siptah and they had to alter and add and change much thus I never hold to that the plan cause nothing ever goes according to the plan

What does 3.0 mean though? A new map? I’m looking forward to a new map, don’t get me wrong, but it seems a bit inappropriate since the Exiled Lands is still missing the Mummy and we haven’t seen a cosmetic DLC since the Argos pack (which is a year ago on may 7th).

Steam info shows 3 DLC’s which haven’t been released yet. They’ve been sitting on the shelf for 7 to 15 months now.


New mounts, navigable boats, crossplay, another new god? Dune?


It’s also I have alot of people who have just started playing ConanExiles recently. Like folks 4 or 5 % into the game. Will hook up my admin with Sipath material to trade with people. Friend of mine has server with almost identical settings as mine so wife and I can bounce back and forth.


My prediction is the commercial release of the Isle of Siptah.

Wait, wait. Twitchy are you losing faith in mighty Crom…!?


While improbable, my hope is that it is more Crom features and goodies. And the yes, more Crom goodies is sufficient and important enough to warrant a Twitch Gaming Show presentation all of their own.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


Wow, that would be an anti-climax.


I don’t know, ask @Gloatingtomb6. I don’t actually recall Funcom saying anything about 3.0 :slight_smile: