Twitcher playing without nighttime on official Server #1100 (Cheat?)


Hi Folks,

i am on Official Server No. 1100 and there are the normal day/nighttime settings. The night is pitchblack in some areas.
But a new and successfull PVP Clan from Russia has a player that Streams via Twitch and its never night in his Videos/Streams. He does not use night-eye-potion.

I consider this cheating, including the permanent high ping they run. Official server seting is ping max 150. He plays with 190 - 300 ping. Its all in the Video.

What can i do?

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This might be in the wrong topic area

Gamma can’t be turned up enough to effect the darkness.

The nights in this game are on par with Rust.

Do you think maybe they have the Legendary mask with night vision from the Unnamed City?

Will have to test this myself

Hi, thx for the answers so far.

  • He wears normal Armor Helmets

  • Gamma tuning looks different. As you can see in his vids the sky looks like its night, but all Buildings and the area look like its day - without collor distortion or anything.

Qualifier: I have not looked at this particular player’s streams. For the purposes of the following, I’m taking the OP at face value.

But man, cheaters really are getting blatant if they publicly stream themselves doing it :exploding_head:

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