Two bugs when building at scale

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: N/A
Region: North America

100s of hours building in this great game, but want to file some bugs most recently on PC. I have also observed them on Single Player on Xbox, so they seem pretty core. They have existed for a while. Please address when you can.

Bug #1: Won’t re-evaluate build availability after the player moves from occupied space.

  • Scenario: When building at scale, I sometimes target squares occupied by my character.
  • Expected: I can’t place in the occupied region, but once I move the check re-evaluates availability. I can place in the now empty space.
  • Observed: I can’t place in the occupied region. I move out of the region, but no re-evaluation occurs. This space is still unavailable. I have to switch to a different building material, and then back to the desired material in order for a re-check to occur and be able to successfully place.

When building at scale, this REALLY slows things down. Super annoying. Please fix.

Bug #2: In large structures, stability is lost upon reloading the game.

  • Scenario: This would be easier with a pic but I can’t add yet (new member). I have some towers that straddle a cliff. I level the "main floor of the tower by using pillars to get everything even. I then build up from the main floor. I am forced to follow building rules. The structure looks great.
  • Expected: If I log out, when I come back the same support will apply as when the structure was built.
  • Observed: Random differences in support occur, and the structure has small holes in the roof. FWIW, holes are above sections of the structure with ceiling wedge tiles ultimately linked to pillars with direct support to the foundation.

It looks like the bug is some ceiling wedges with 40 or 60 support don’t transfer it to a wall piece on reload. Roof pieces that relied on the wall for support fall apart each time I log in. Sometimes I can fix the whole right away. For others, I have to rebuild the wall for support to transfer.

I have 4 different examples of this throughout the city. I don’t see this issue when walls get support from foundation wedges or ceiling square tiles–only when walls are attached to ceiling wedge tiles. I also don’t see the stability change from other ceiling tiles attached to the same problem spots, only on the vertical walls.

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