Two questions about your agent progress


  1. Has anyone opened the 4th or 5th diamond rating yet? If so, at what agent level did you open them at (2nd is 13, 3rd is 25 for those of you that haven’t reached them yet).

  2. Has anyone opened any active mission slots past the first 3? Is this even possible? If so, what criteria has to be met to open them? (not referring to support agent slots here)


#2: While it shipped with 5 mission slots, two of them weren’t actually available and have been removed by subsequent patches. So there are only 2 slots (+1 for patrons) unless the devs change their minds.

#1: I’ll look forward to the new missions when I get to level 25 (and if I had to guess maybe 38 and 50?).


Since the thresholds were 13 and 25, I would expect the remaining tiers to unlock at 37 and 49-50. My recruit is 35, I’ll edit this post to confirm or deny the 37 once that happens (unless someone else does first).

Here we go, tier 4 at level 37.


Thanks Vandelay!