Two quick questions

Greetings All,
1.What happens to Horses and Pets when you get killed and how long can they stay in pens,never brought out?
2.Is there a way to bulldoze terrain to make it flat?
some of these buildings are huge to place.
Thanks All

  1. Followers and NPCs stop fighting and begin roaming around. Later on they’ll return to the last place where you’ve put them On Guard (it can be your base or some other place so it’s advisable to put some mark on the map when you put your Follower On Guard). If you’re killed in PVP then your human enemy will try to kill your Follower too I think.
  2. There’s no way to change terrain in CE. You just have to “pave” it with foundation blocks (or make a “frame” of foundation blocks around and put some ceilings in the middle to save materials). But be aware that if someone (raiding player or Purge) will break this “frame” all your building can collapse so build wise.

Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

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