Two shot 600 hp 65% damage reduce?

Hello everyone i got killed by two shot from a player with a two handed sword in 3s in a pve-c server yesterday.
Here are my stats : full vitality 600 hp,480armor,65%damage reduction.
Can anyone tell me how is this possible?

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Was it the Blade of the adventurer or Crom? Was your health actually AT full health at the time?

There is no way to tell without knowing what your stats were at the time of the engagement. Also, are you sure it was a player and not their thrall?

It was lying bastard sword and i was at full health i am sure of it and thralls does not attack player in pve-c servers.

i have tested bunch of stuff my self and there is no way i could do that much damage. me and the player who killed me we were both 60 lvl.

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Sorry, can’t help you on PvEC servers. I don’t know how they work. I only play PvP. I do use the lying bastard sword with mods and I do 69 Damage with 29 pen. Depending on my Strength setting I can kill you pretty quick even with your set up.

Don’t know though cause I don’t know PvEC

thanks for trying… im sure you can kill me pretty quick but its just impossible to kill 600 hp by two shot unless you weapon can deal 300 dmg

It’s possible he was using a mini max build with an oil of penetration. So over 50 str with potions. Getting bonuses from you having a negative affect? Or it could be the servers damage setting.

One possibility that i don’t know if it was fixed, is there was a bug to stack oils. The other play conceivably could have spammed it to 100% armor pen, and well 300 DMG. Doubtful, but possible. I remember the question of whether after the bug was fixed would it also “fix” any that abused it. the answer was no, it would eventually wear off and fix itself on any exploited weapon.

thanks for the info man couldn’t find answer anywhere. i’ll look in to it.

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