Two Videos to Improve game play with No development cost to FunCom! and A DLC idea



Hello and salutations, in this video I’m going to cover and idea for a DLC. That could be developed by the art department and not pull from the other resources of other teams. And generate extra Revenue and monetization for Conan Exiles and FunCom with low overhead. And you could post it on your road map ahead “wink wink nudge nudge” as just stylized building DLC. And it can be a stand-alone DLC. It doesn’t have to be a secret just everybody knows, and it won’t Implement any crazy game braking bug.

Also you could use this time to go back and revisit the clipping in meshing issue that exist between furnaces and wall structures. It’s just a Pixel so off but it is definitely at a bug that needs to be fixed. I highlight it in a couple of my videos

The second video covers explosion and fire or mechanics do not generating Heat. Although you can take damage from the fire they do not clear your frostbite this is an immersion mechanic that should be fixed with No development cost to FunCom!!!.

Conan Exiles explosion and fire or mechanics

Animal pan discussion and my thoughts to improve the immersion and overall gameplay and reduce server load and latency with No development cost to FunCom!!!.

Plus Video showing a Bug


You have a strange definition of “no development cost”.


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