Two words: Snow storm!

I know this is certain to draw some hate mail, but how about a snow storm for the north? A frozen sandstorm. Have it move west staring at the volcano. “A frigid wind rush down the mountain side and grew in strength as it rolled westward through the already frozen valleys.”


Agree. Maybe not as often as the sandstorm but more severe. Making those natural shelters really valuable.

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If I remember this right, they have problems with snowing inside buildings, something related to rain visual effects. I can’t recall if there ever were blizzards, but for sure they won’t be coming to the north unless they can fix the raining inside buildings issue.

Yes one more elemet that give a surviver game thing even on hie levels!

We’ve talked about those before. Definitely an idea to get that discussion going again!


It would make carrying a temporary shelter (tent) super-valuable, which makes sense for a frozen area!

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Why hate mail lol, it’s an excellent idea and probably feasible.

Nice as an addition to

  1. Decorative plant - Christmas trees
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  3. Santa Clothes
  4. Coca cola Mack Truck.

The Mack Truck is optional the rest mandatory.
Jus sayin

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When the north was released during EA we used to have some real neat windy/snow effects made vision really hard. It felt super immersive, the problem was it also used to wind/snow indoors… when they “fixed” (still rains inside) the indoors weather effect they removed this stronger snow effect… which was really lame

I agree, North should have better visual effects and much better temperature balance. For example, all area around new Asagarth has average temperature… if you dress in fur there you may even reach Hot temperature status…

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