TY for a friend

Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of a friend that had issues with registering the Crom Coin she purchased. Please share this bit of positive to the responsible CSR’s @Community


Nice. She finally got what she paid for. Congrats. Next time let her buy groceries and after a week of waiting she might even receive them :slight_smile: /sarcasm off.

I have seen a few of your recent posts and I’m sorry you are in the downward spiral. I hope you find your way out of it.


You have to get use to it! Never forget that “bad” exists to “shine” good. So no problem actually :kissing_heart:


naah man, you should just learn what sarcasm means. But in every sarcasm there is a bit of truth :slight_smile:

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Excellent to hear

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Indeed. Any interaction that doesn’t have any problems is just standard practice. Too often we forget to be grateful for regular success because we take them for granted.

The real value of customer service is seen when problems happen. With well-conducted customer service that manages to solve my problem, I often end up being more satisfied that I would’ve been if the purchase/whatever had just worked as intended. And similarly, with poor customer service, even if my problem ends up getting solved, it will leave a sour taste in my mouth.

Everyone screws up sometimes. Everyone. Expecting infallibility is unrealistic and unfair. It’s how we react to our mistakes that matters.

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It needs time, age and sometimes these are not enough too!

Mhm and at some point sarcasm just becomes bitterness. You passed that a few dozen posts ago.

Someone made a positive post and you literally came into it to spread negativity.

You going to cry now? Yes, negativity. Ask yourself why? Maybe becouse a few games exist which I liked to play (Elite Dangerous) and they just destroyed id with Oddysey. Now this … CE … with Sorcery , bugged as hell. Maybe thats why negativity. And I payed both product full price, not to mention I was the same as you. Protect all this scamming companies … now its over.

So shut up with negativity … would you

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Case in point. Absolute bitterness.

Unfortunately for you, not everyone feels the same as you, nor do they want to stand under that rain cloud with you.

That said, posting about your bitterness/negativity/whatever you call your prevailing emotion indiscriminately on other people’s threads is simply off-topic, and rude. There are plenty of threads to voice your criticism already, you don’t need to turn every thread into a channel of your bitterness.

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