UE Unpacking Steam Updates

Can anyone familiar with UE engine explain why unpacking an update for an UE game on Steam can render your system useless and take so long?

I have CE installed on my local C (SSD) along with my operating system (W10_64) and when downloading a small hotfix for CE or other UE games on Steam, even a small 5mb hotfix it can take 30 minutes plus to actually install and meanwhile it hangs the entire system until complete.

The SSD is running at full throttle and 100% usage during this time, but why? Is this because of how Steam installs the update or is this just how UE paks install? It seems excessive.

keeping steam (or any games/gaming platforms for that matter) on OS drive is not recommended,
and yes, depending on update this can be drive taxing task

Yeah I’d like to get a separate drive for Steam. I was just wondering why it is such a task for UE games to update.

I have CE installed on two different drives, one on my main drive with the OS (C), and the other being Testlive, and thats installed on my secondary. Both are nvmes. Neither take more then a few minutes to install an update, let alone 30 minutes.

Heck, I have the dev kit installed on both drives too, and that doesn’t take 30 minutes either (or completely hang up the system).

And then, from 2017-2019 I had CE, Testlive, and the devkit installed on a normal SSD (C also), and those updated fine too.

So, can’t really answer your question why it “takes 30 minutes” or why it “hangs the entire system” cause I’ve never experienced it. With any UE4 game. But I’ve never installed to a Kingston drive either :stuck_out_tongue: Every drive I’ve used has been Samsung.

A400 is decent consumer grade drive, I mean as good as it’s pricetag, don’t expect it to perform
my SU800 sometimes has issues too, but that is what you get from consumer grade hardware

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