[UFO] Marks in the sand 🛸 [screenshot]

Sometimes as an admin in the singleplayer game, when I use teleportation, strange things happen…

It looks like someone from heaven :flying_disc: is playing tic-tac-toe game :o::x: in the sand.

I am looking for answers to questions:

  1. What do you see in this picture? :mag:
  2. Who won this tic-tac-toe game? :alien:
  3. Has anyone seen similar signs? :blacksignal:
  4. Has anyone been abducted? :space_invader:
  5. How to prepare the main base for the space invasion? :flying_saucer:
  6. What’s going on here? :scream:

Edit: Changing the bulleted list to a numbered list.


That’s not Conan, those are the Nazca lines in Peru!


You think he teleported a bit too far?


My answers :

  • Drunk aliens rally point
  • God
  • ABSOLUTLY not :wink:
  • Maybe :wink:
  • Mass archers and a lot of spikes, but more importantly, a whole lot of rabbits !
  • I DON’T KNOW :scream::sob::sob:

I see what you need here.

First rule of intergalactic hitch-hiking is to put out a towel!


Great answers @Gavinrad :+1:

…especially the one with rabbits! :rabbit2::revolving_hearts::rabbit2:

Wormhole? :hole: The best idea! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

How do you know that? :eyes: Are you one of them? :alien:


No I just read the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. All the necessary knowledge in there!


You are clearly one of them ! Conan has no knowledge of this towel thing!

Nah, he’s just a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is :wink:

  1. A scantily clad woman. The rest is irrelevant.
  2. In a game of tic-tac-toe, there are no winners, just losers of varying degrees.
  3. Yes, but not on Conan Exiles. they look like snowflakes seen through a microscope. (They tend to start melting before you can get them under the lens, so they’re kinda bent and asymetric.)
  4. Well, I have ~300 thralls who I’ve taken from their homes against their will. That counts, right?
  5. Underground cannons.
  6. Nothing. There’s absolutely nothing to see here. Carry on, Citizen. Trust the Computer, the Computer is your friend.
  1. a tortoise laying on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can’t. Not without your help. But you’re not helping.

  2. No one - it looks like they didn’t understand the rules.

  3. Almost definitely.

  4. That Gazelle. You know the one.

  5. You’re assuming your base isn’t on the ship.

  6. Obviously a glitchy preview of upcoming sorcery effects

  1. What do you see in this picture? A guy proud about his “pee” signs on the ground.
  2. Who won this tic-tac-toe game? Well…
  3. Has anyone seen similar signs? Not in the desert, but from me when I got a lil’ too drunk after a night in the pub, ok “pee signs” again!
  4. Has anyone been abducted? Unluckily not me, I’m still here waiting for my flying saucer
  5. How to prepare the main base for the space invasion? Make a large space in the middle, so you are sure they can land!
  6. What’s going on here? See point 1.

Alternatively, build a pyramid for their landing pad.



Damn man, it probably would glitch and un-fix with the current build mode ^^

I found more marks on the sand on the test server. This looks like a message!

I used a graphics program to improve visibility.

Adds a new question:
7. What is written here? :pen:

Note: In my opinion, it says - It’s pizza time! :kissing_heart: :pizza:


Pizza time? No… no, that is an ancient language of the sands that was used by the Stygian civilizations before the hyboria age. This is clearly a message to the future and I know precisely what it reads… it reads: “This castle is in UNACCEPTABLE CONDITIONNNN!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!”

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I can read it, its says Dec 5th

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Are you saying sand marks are associated with the new update? :thinking:

So there is an advanced race of space horses :racehorse: from the Funcom galaxy :star2: somewhere? And these aliens announced their arrival earlier? :star_struck:

I have always thought that the Conan universe is more science fiction than fantasy - now I have proof! :flying_saucer:

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