UI Stability, Display

In first person, it does not appear that your “eyes” are near at all where the should be, in fact they look out from the throat or above the bosom. Into the regard of first person, I would also like to suggest that if something can be done about contortions when moving around. The overall voxel does not appear smooth. I would also like to ask three more things. Archery, forced suggestions on how to melee or go about living, and the change building mode button. As for Archery, I personally feel that it has become the worst possible mechanic since now it is force time delayed. Where went that beautifying procedure of stringing the bow, yielding the bow, equipping an arrow, pulling back on the string, and letting loose of arrow shatter? Archery is a bunch of bollocks—beallucs now. I hate being too discrete, namely, but I do wish you to know how bad it has become for the hunters in Conan Exiles. It saddens me that there are no longer crossbows as well, aye.

Building placement options. I do ask that the altercation of placement options is not paired with the same button to crouch, as for console. Crouching whilst changing building procedure, or toggling, becomes a real hassle for me and the guys. If at all, could there be afeature where we could [ map/remap ] our control scheme? It would prove beneficial, or return the building input back to right stick (Xbox).

In-game forced hints. I do not mind hints in games, but I would like it best if I were able to toggle them off and or on, same with the ‘journey’ book.


Archery mechanics, improvement please?
Remapping control schemes, player leisure? Building, aye…
Toggle game hints with what buttons do who, as with Journal entries?

I have loved this game back in early access, and personally, this game was so much more fun in early access. I spent many hours grinding and building. I just want to have the old game mechanics back, or revamped…