UK/EU Conan Exiles 3x Harvest

Another private server another abusive admin stay away if you want to enjoy Conan this is not the place for you…


Admin is Kirsty likes to help friends that cannot fight there own battles,

Kirsty takes advantage of the admin panel against players. I absolutely do not recommend this server for those who like fair play. This is a typical server that will die because of stupid admin.

Don’t know guys, I’ve been on the server just now, heard you two were camping people at the obelisks…admin seemed quite nice to be honest.

Oh, the Powerpuff Girls are back, I smashed this lot before they started kicking off, I was under the impression the admin was coming to save them. Good stuff lads. When are you next on?

IBNS i didnt have a problem with admin until she helped her friends and used admin cheats but its very common on private servers, just ask Kirsty how and who your allowed to pvp and you will be ok, its her server and she can do what she wants but players dont like admin cheating in the middle of fights. TouchMyjugs is of limits admin will help them but they suck at pvp and will still lose :slight_smile:

TouchMyjugs imagine playing on pvp then crying when you lose go back and simp to admin unless you want a 1v1?
Thanks for the bump :+1:

Thebes, how many servers have you been banned from now for grieving? looking through your history it seems like quite a lot.
If you specifically want to go around killing peoples thralls and horses then you should probably play a pvp server.
I’ve played the server on and off since it started and its a friendly server where everyone gets along just fine, yes there is pvp but not to the point where u start to ruin the game for others.
Pretty sure any admin would ban someone who starts being abusive towards them…

Thanks for your opinion Titan if a player attacks you with a horse and thrall in pvp time your going to kill them its pvp, do I look for pvp in pvp time? Yes its pvp. You say “play on a pvp server” can you explain?
I also said i dont have a problem with admin till they take sides and use admin cheats is that wrong for me to say that?
Maybe you should play on only pve servers Titan if you feel that way about pvp or maybe you do its your choice after all.
It’s very rare for conan to be a balanced fight I never fight with thralls but I dont cry when a player does but if he does he needs to release he will lose it in pvp.
Who said I was abusive? Never have been never will be…

Yo anyone got the discord for this server?