[UK-PvE-AoC-EEWA] Small server, looking for friends to play with!

Hey folks,

I wanted to advertise our small but happy server of PvE players. We value fun, laughter, banter and most importantly – kindness. I hope we can welcome some of you to join our small contingent as we explore the game with a breadth of experience – from total beginners to 500+ hour players. We have a Discord community, a custom made manual for our server, and bags of enthusiasm for adventure. This is an amateur server; I am new to the admin role, and the server itself is only a few weeks old. Contact me on Discord: Oirae#4554 for a chat and to get started on your new adventure! Our aim is to have an active, collaborative server, where things require effort but not monotonous waiting. We love building, adventuring, dungeons, exploring, testing out combat specs and enthralling the local populace.

Key Information:

  • PC – UK based

  • PvE

  • Newbie friendly – we have a range of experience points.

  • Significant mods including AoC and EEWA.

  • Small, close community.

Experience Modifier: 2x Crafting speed: 4x
Max level: 300 Crafting cost: 70%
Thrall damage: 0.7
Player damage: 1.0 Thrall break speed: 2x
Taming speed: 2x
Purge difficulty: 6/6
Purge preparation: 8 mins Gathering speed: 1.5x
Purge duration 25 mins Building/thrall decay: Turned off


Can I invite a friend to join the server?

Absolutely! Share our server with them and get them involved. Our server is currently running at a capacity of 10 people. If we exceed that, we can extend the size of the server at a cost.

I don’t know if I want to start from scratch again. How can you help?

I am willing to boost your character up to 10/20/30/40/50/60 to get you started. These limits are subject to change as the server ages and the community’s average level increases.

As part of your boost, you will receive steel tools, a waterskin and 10x food. Your faction choice will provide you with starter weapons and armour.

What mods are you running?

Pippi, AoC, EEWA, KPL, [a variety of building mods – glass, better building placement etc.], extended shortcut bar, Hosav’s Custom UI, Fashionist, MultiChar.

I know of some mods that may be worthwhile to install. Are you open to new mods?

100%! We love exploring new mods, and if they make the game a better experience then count us in for a democratic process to add them. Sometimes, mods are incompatible with our current selection, so we may need to decline requests on that basis.

Can’t you copy&paste the modlist here?

Also, do you have any experience running Conan Server?

Does healing arrow work?

You’re making interviews in Discord to let people in? Sheeesh.
I won’t go to Discord even for modlist, let alone an interview.

Sorry for the negativity, i felt like writing something after wasting my time again reading half-baked advertisements.

I think I’ll let your words speak for themselves - they said a lot about you. :slight_smile:

Hi folks, bumping the thread having received a few new members. We’d love to have more join us. Don’t miss out on this journey with us :slight_smile:

I’ve updated our original post with more information. Oirae#4554 - add me on Discord!

We’ve had a few wonderful people join our community - some casual and some playing more consistently. We’d love to welcome you if you’re interested. Get in touch Oirae#4554 on Discord.

Loving our growing community! Would love to welcome a few more people into the fold and bring our server to life!

We’ve welcomed a couple of new people in the last day or so. Who will be next to join our happy adventure? There’s so much to explore!

I would love to meet someone new today and welcome them to our world. Could it be you next?! :smiley:

Around all day today if you want to check in with me. Oirae#4554

I wonder who I will welcome today? Had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people this past week. :slight_smile:

I’ve loved having a few other people on simultaneously. The world is beginning to feel alive!