UK PVE PC Community server missing

Been playing on a UK PVE PC Nubie friendly Community server and cannot now find it. I have viewed on steam ‘servers’ and looked at history but cannot find any record of the name of the server we played on. Did not want to start again if it is just temporary but also hadn’t added a couple of friendly players so unsure how to contact them… Nephena, Melanie, Fak please get in touch.

Unsure if server has been deleted it, I know it has run for at least 5 years…

Infectious Blood.

Hello,@InfectiousBlood. Welcome to the forums!

I’m assuming this was a private, rather than an official server?

You might try finding your friends on the (unofficial) CE Discord:

If it was an official server; Funcom have recently been merging the less active servers together to prevent empty ones, yours might have been among them.

Information on the merges can be found here: → Click me! ←
Hopefully you know which #number your server had, otherwise it gets a little difficult.