[UK] The Annals of Acheron 2X Rates Roleplay [NEW! 23/05/2018] direct connect or search for the server name exactly as the topic says!

Welcome to The Annals of Acheron Roleplay Server.

I want an immersive, blood thirsty experience. This server has no room for players who care about protecting their work or sanity. I want a server that is as roleplay as possible while retaining all the dirty, horrible and downright awful aspects of humanity.

I want to see the birth of trade companies who are beguiled by slave bands, bent on taking from them everything they own. I want to see the birth of bounty hunters, mercenaries and cutthroats. I want a bloody weather worn world where the night is very much dark and full of terrors.

On this server you can choose to work together or you can choose to stand gloriously on the bodies of your defeated foes.

I plan to run :

#Regular PvP Inspired events, with server given prizes such as legendary smithing stones, black and white dyes, skeleton keys and more.
#Planned and organised group events with sieges, arena tournaments and more.

I have copied the server guidelines to give players and idea of what they are letting themselves in for. I have absolutely no intention of going higher than 40 players, in order to retain stability on the server.


  1. I would appreciate dearly that all players please pick an immersive roleplay name, by this I mean it cannot contain characters other than letters.

  2. I would appreciate it if players try to be as conservative as possible when building, this is merely a request so much as a rule, building a base that is considerate to the amount of players in your group for example. If there are three of you, please build a base that represents that. This creates a much more immersive experience for all of us and also helps to reduce strain on the server itself, resulting in less lag and better frame rates.

  3. If you would like to raid someone, please make sure they are online and you make the admins aware of it. You don’t need to declare anything to the player you’re about to raid, locally or globally. To inform an admin, come on the discord and send them a direct message, wait for their response and then do what you need to do.

  4. Please try to engage in all experiences of the game in the most roleplay way possible, e.g. create a backstory for your group, express your intentions to people, if you’re robbing someone play the character! BE the person you’re imagining. Do research on the Conan wiki, whatever culture or society your backstory comes from try to be as immersive as you can.

  5. Offline raiding will not be tolerated, in any way shape or form. If someone is offline, you cannot raid them or steal from them anything that is locked, behind doors or protected by thralls. If the person hasn’t gone to the effort of protecting their thrall wheels or has not locked the container being looted, you are allowed to take it.

  6. Remember to have fun, remember this is a game and remember that you’re in character. If you have questions about the game, please use the GLOBAL chat. If you are speaking to someone in front of you, please use LOCAL or VOICE and please remember to ROLEPLAY. direct connect or search for the server name exactly as the topic says!