Ulfhedinn and UlfhedinnToo Address Change

Due to address changes by Survival Servers, we announce the following changes:

Casual gameplay, PVE-C on PC, always 2 week decay to stop Conan Exiles turning into a second job, XP and harvest 2X, long days/ short nights, encouraged (mild) roll play and no mods to keep up with each update. Add in helpful players with laid back admin and you’ll see Conan Exiles at it’s finest.

Come join us for straight up fun and adventure on:

Exiled Lands: Ulfhedinn (direct Connect:
• Temple of the Gawds, welcome center and more!

Siptah Server: UlfhedinnToo (direct connect
• New(er) server with a town center under construction and plenty of help learning how to fully get you Siptah on!

Discord Ulfhedinn

Please note changes to original server settings are being worked through, your patience is appreciated.

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