Ulfhedinn Lost and Found Again

So, the company we rent the server from migrated it to another address. That means if you wanted to play it and it didn’t show up in the regular menu roll you’d have to link to it directly. Once linked it will continue to show up.

So with that said, you’re all invited to join Ulfhedinn, 3X harvest, 2X exp, light RP and PVP with building damage turned off - or - PVP-B (buildings are safe). Especially if you like your base, you can keep your base.

Here’s the info, sorry we dropped off the menu list for awhile but we’re back: address:

Here’s the server rules: Server Rules:

  • No racism or any other form of discrimination outside of role play. There is zero tolerance, you dirty Zingarian…
  • No hacking. There is zero tolerance.
  • Do not block or build on top of emotes and recipes. I will try and give you time to move, if not it will be removed.
  • Do not foundation/torch spam to claim land. They will be removed. - Do not impede movement around the map by blocking off areas. These barriers will be removed.

Also, we have server unique dungeons and arena’s like this: https://i.imgur.com/uG5k7QT.jpg