Un-skippable logos at the start

As all other video games do, this game shows all the logos of its engine, the publishers, the developers, etc when you launched the game. Problem is I can’t seem to skip all of these.

Pressing any keys or mouse buttons does nothing. I just had to sit my butt and watch all those logos go through with ‘cool’ screen effect.

This sucks.

Being able to skip the unnecessary logos at the start is very common among the other video games, because no one wants them. I’m generally surprised the fact that this game from late 2018 does not contain such feature, whereas even some of the games that are older than 20+ years had such feature.

Make them skippable. Make it happen. No one wants to sit their butt and watch those boring logos.


I fixed that immediately… there’s too many of them. Go here:
…\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mutant Year Zero\ZoneUE4\Content\Movies and create a backup folder and move all the movies there.

I kept the *.tmp file as it is, not sure what that does.

Happy booting!


Thanks, I’m going to do that now :grinning:.

Awesome. Ill move them too. I agree that having to sit through all the advertising stuff each launch becomes painful rather quickly

Thanks PinkFrog!

As long as this ‘un-skippable logos’ feature will remain to the game, it will remain as the terrible thing about the game.

The developers should aware this and WILL fix this issue at later update. Just because there’s a way to bypass the issue with the effort from the players themselves does not mean it’s not an issue.

Reporting back, it works flawlessly! Thanks.

Thanks for this. Worked like a charm.