Unabe to destroy foundation blocks during rebuild pvp official

Okay, so in the process of re designing our base on an official pvp server, I ran into an issue where there seems to be two foundation’s that are fully submerged underground and it will not let me delete them, is there a way or will they simply lose stability and get destroyed? It’s preventing me from building further and since this is a pvp server it leaves us valuable.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Old issue that arises when the “hitbox” or “sweet spot” of the foundation is below terrain and unable to be interacted with. There is a couple easy things to try…bombs, then orbs, then arrows. If those don’t work…well you could try a god, although I don’t recommend that since you already built around it.

Lastly, you can always get about 10k stone in your inventory, grab a stone pick, and if you can hit it (and lose durability on your pick, which indicates you are hitting it)…then hit it. 10,000 times. …assuming that its a T1 foundation. If its a T3…well, I hope the bombs work.

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