Unable play on ANY online server since 1.08 PATCH

SInce the 1.08 patch I have not been able to connect to my private server through the server browser.

Testing, 1 time I managed to connect to an official server by hitting “back” instead of enter. Unfortunately, this is not repeatable regardless of button combination.

I browse all servers. Select a server. Hit the enter key (in my case O) then the screen locks up. Only option/key that works is back out to main menu. No error messages.

Again, ONLY SINCE YOUR 1.08 PATCH that broke oh so many systems.

I uninstalled and reinstalled game. No change. Can I back off the patch so I can play the game I purchased?\

Other online games = zero issues.
Conan = Unable to play online on any server. period.

You released too soon. This is pre-beta early access.

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