Unable to build vault

Have prereqs unlocked but vault not showing up in build menu

Which build menu? If you mean the one you get with a construction hammer, that’s not a bug.

The vault is crafted in artisan table. Does it appear in the list of recipes there?


Ahhh thanks for that. Still new to game.

Maybe you can answer this as well, I died in lava and my body/loot is no longer there. Does it burn up in this game?

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It doesn’t burn up, but your corpse doesn’t stay forever. As far as I know, it should stay for 30 minutes, unless someone chops it up (in which case it turns into a lootbag, which disappears quickly), or unless you make 10 more corpses (the game only keeps your last 10 corpses).

There’s physics involved, though. When you die, your corpse ragdolls, so it might roll downhill from where you died. And sometimes, very rarely, there are visual glitches on the game client, so your corpse might not render properly.

The best way to get your stuff back after dying, if you’re not sure you can simply run up to it and loot it, is to learn enough sorcery so you can summon your corpse at your circle of power.

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Yeah guessing my fresh Eye of Khan is toast…didn’t see anything when I returned to site. Kinda figured I was screwed when the corpse marker on map disappeared. Definitely will get on that circle of power. Thanks for the info.

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It’s definitely one of the more useful things about sorcery. And you can also use it as a means of fast transport. Let’s say you have a remote outpost that you’re no longer interested in maintaining, or you want to move to a different location across the map.

Instead of using bearers and/or animals and carrying your stuff from point A to point B, you just load up your inventory with everything after breaking down the old base. Take off your bracelet (suicide) and you end back at your base. Summon your corpse, and you’ve reduced the process to just a few seconds.

Nice…thx for the insight

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