Unable to catch minions

Game mode: *[ Single-player | Co-op]
Type of issue: *[ Bug ]
Server type: *[ PvE ]
Hardware: *[ xbox onde S ]

Bug Description:

lackey system does not work.

Expected Behavior:

The club is killing rather than stunning, making it impossible to capture minions

Steps to Reproduce:

I’ve invaded camps from level 1 to 3 with all three types of clubs available to try and capture minions but nothing works. The club is just taking the life of the lackey slowly and slowly but does not stun to continue with the capture.

Add the concussive enchant to your truncheon or Lovetap. Or a banana if you’re after the little yellow ones.:grin:

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Check your settings. If you raised npc damage taken or your damage out put you will kill before you stun them. Experienced that on a private server. @DdNFurious

everything is in the default configuration (1.0)

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Seeing you’re in Singleplayer, enable admin (for testing), then try out all of the available knock out tools - Szeth’s Truncheon, Lovetap, blunted arrows, blunted javelins etc with the blunted enchant and see if the npc’s are still dying from blunt force trauma.

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nothing works.

the bar that shows when he’s close to being stunned doesn’t even appear.

Hmm, so you don’t lose progress on your SP game, you could use the npc and wildlife menu (centre menu in admin), find the npc you were trying to knockout and either spawn in a clone that you can attempt to knock out or tick the checkbox to spawn one in that’s broken in and ready to place in a workstation or guard duty until a solution can be found.

If you hit a thrall with a truncheon and you see no kO bar then that thrall cannot be tamed it’s untameable eg of this is the jailers you see on Siptah even tho it says taskmaster you can’t knock em out anymore.

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