Unable to claim Challenges due to freezing

Hello, I am on Playstation 4, on official server:
Official server #3530 PvE - g-portal(.)com
(Remove the parentheses above, I couldn’t post as the system believed I was including a link)
Map: The Exiled Lands

On September 8, 2022
I was able to claim one challenge (I think)
The problem was once I opened the menu, and tabbed over to challenges or battlepass, the game would freeze. This happenned about 6 times before I stopped playing.

Due to this, I realize it is a problem that the challenges are not automatically accepted, and instead will only be processed once I hit Ok to complete. This hit a roadblock in me being able to progress with these new challenges within the game.
Not only that, since the game would freeze on the screen, though I waited, the only way to resolve it was to jump back to the Playstation menu and close the game itself. The load time alone into the server is minutes long.
Since you have many new updates, will you now consider as well to remove the ‘drop loot on death’? This is a waste of time to retrieve it. Anyhow, I’ve been with you all before Day1 and hope you take all this into account.

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