Unable to connect to friends dedicated server

​For a very long time my friend and i were able to play conan exiles with one of us hosting a server on our computer, then one day that all changed and for some reason we have been unable to connect to eachother, wether he hosts the server and i try connect, or i host the server and he tries to connect.

What happens is we get to character creation, we create a character, and then its an infinite loading screen. After 10-30 minutes it just says something about timing out and it stops.

All ports are forwarded correctly.

We can both join other servers, and other people can also join my server, but for some reason only my friend can not.

Have you tried turning off your local firewall software (built into your Anti-Virus) Often updates will come in and mess with some settings. Try turning it off, see if you can connect, if you can then turn it back on an re-open the ports needed.

All firewalls are off. Also my friend tried swapping to phones hotspot internet and that worked fine. So its got to be something because we are both using the same internet provider, and probably on the same node… Any other ideas?

He could try connecting through a proxy server then?
The ISP node shouldn’t be causing the issue

Have he turned on the “Laptop mode” in the settings? A friend of mine had this and couldn’t connect to his own dedicated server (seperate machine in another room).

If this option is checked he should uncheck it and try again to connect.

No, hes never turned that setting on, and yes we plan to try a proxy server worst case scenario… However that really shouldnt be necessary… Hopefully others have other possible recommendations too

Did he try to connect directly with “Direct connection”? And did he enter the correct IP AND Port? (Default= 7777)?

Yeah he has

huh, sorry. I’m out, I haven’t anymore ideas.

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