Unable to connect to Funcom Live

if you were a mod, then yes, thats all mods did, close post talking about real issues, or problems and how to try and solve them and leave the same questions from big people

Google “clueless”

so you say you quit being a mod, i say the problems we have with mods and im clueless… just another bot mod here

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all humans will be replaced by ai. the rise of skynet 2023


Your post proves you have 0 clue what a forum moderators job is.

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just aswer the question WHY WE CANT LOGING lol

he doesnt know, mods dont have that info , they just hide the problems

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Basically to enforce forum TOS.
Your role as a Moderator is to be a neutral participant in discussions, overseeing comments on the topics posted by other participants.

See what you are saying is not part of the job description.

Your thread gets flagged, a mod checks it and takes action.

so then its the mod? my stuff got removed without flag etc, everytime its a glitch or something simillar gets taken down instantly, so dont give me all this bullsit about flagged

Read a TOS if you started a thread about you getting banned, that is a no no and your post will get pulled.

I am getting the same thing!!

@Funcom_Community Essa nova era “Age Of War” está deixando todos OFF-LINE

Its not just FLS. Reports are its impacting other games as well.

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Can someone make another 15-30 “Can’t connect to Funcom Live Services/Login” threads, because it is so much easier to just start a new thread and ignore the “Yo! Dude/Dudette/Folk, this seems similar to 1,423 other threads started in the last 12.73 seconds, perhaps you might comment rather than create a new thread?” warning than to take 2 seconds to see if there is a current conversation.

Because, reasons.


If this post offends anyone, go take a nap and have a snack, you are just hangry.


What a fantastic advertisement for players who are taking advantage of the free days to play Conan Exiles! It’s a great example of a NON misleading advertisement. Funcom is allowing players to have the most authentic experience with Conan Exiles!


I’m having the same problem.

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Same issue here, hoping adding to the convo will help bring it to funcom attention. I was able to play at 6:00 and log in. only experienced the issue after logging out then trying to log back in.

You mean lags , stupid NPCs , building bugs etc …
just today I was talking about this with a friend who is as “excited” as I am about the technical side of the game after the last update and we agreed that since the game is currently free and FC wants new players it would be a great advertisement for what’s to come if now ( after a few days of farming) FC finally did the rollback and they would be back to square one

Nothing about this game surprises me anymore !!!