Unable to connect to servers

as topic
Official server #1125
ping 25-67

but past 53 minutes all i have had is unable to connect to server (takes about 5 minutes of waiting).
in server choice i see server is up but with 0/40 players but if i change it to locate favorites it shows 23/40 online

Is this working or the game just getting worse now?

Yeah. Server went completely dead :slight_smile: It’s not only you mate. On battlemetrics it still showing 23 players but server is empty. I hope it will be up soon, I want to move some stuff to new base :smiley:

ahh thx thought it was just me as i randomly chose another 2 servers 1 of which i logged in the other gave the same stuffin msg

guess i will give it another 15 mins then try out the new stuff i have… Wonder what Darco reign of elements is like

still ballsin down :frowning: 2hrs now

Remember to use this form:

I have and did 2hrs ago and heard nothing

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