Unable to Create a message

I am having a problem posting a topic.
When I click on Create Topic, it keeps telling me Sorry, new users can’t mention other users.
Nowhere in the message do I mention a user, I don’t even know any users.
On the right a bunch of similar topics popped up, so I changed the Title of mine and still I get the message.

How do I get to create a message.

No I want to send a message about a Fatal Error message I am having with Conan Exiles and no matter what I put in it, it says something about, as a new member I cant use another user name or something.

I am new to forums, I am not into chat rooms, text message’s, Facebook or the like. I just want to find out how to fix my Conan Exiles which I have been playing a long time and don’t want to have to start a new game. I went online with the error code and it seems there are quite a lot of them almost the same as mine but my code is different.

You can create a forum post so I think you have an issue sending private messages or you can’t link a report.
I’ve seen a number of newish users state that they are not able to send a direct message to others on this site or unable to put a link to screenshot in their post.
They usually need a community manager/moderator to enable it if the user hasn’t participated enough in the forums for their profile to be escalated naturally.
(To sent a private/direct message you usually can click on that persons name to get to their profile and then click the message button…)

I’m guessing the report you want to send is not able to be linked to forum … so I’m prodding @Ignasi to see if he can help you with the direct message / link privileges on your account.

Originally it was Updates and bugs that I tried to send the message and it came up with “Sorry, new users can’t mention other users.” I just wanted to send to the person who made the game or some tech that would know the code. Being I’m new I’m not going to waste hours trying to hope someone sees my message and helps. I will just look elsewhere because I’m probably not going to hang out in a forum, it’s too much like a chat room and I am not interested.

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