Unable to empower other glyphs with the free level-up glyph

The game grants a free simple glyph (at L20?). You can tell it apart from a real working glyph by linking it to chat and inspecting the text. It will be “bind on pickup”.

Bug: the bind-on-pickup free glyph can’t be used to empower other glyphs. Also, without linking it to chat, it’s indistinguishable from normal glyphs, making newbees wonder “what am I doing wrong?” This issue crops up regularly in #Sanctuary chat, though not frequently enough to elicit a quick and ready how-to-fix reply.

Work-around: since it’s a simple glyph, there are really only two choices for using it as a player: you can sell it to a vendor or you can empower it to L20 and then use it in fusion to empower a 3-dot rune (just tested fusion on an alt and it works).

The game gives you 1 free level 20 green glyph so you can try out fusion once you hit 20 with one of your green glyphs. It is meant as fusion fodder for trying it out not as empowerment fodder.

Regardless of the intent, since it can’t be used in the same ways that a real glyph can be used, it’s a bug. It should either be renamed to distinguish it’s purpose or given behavior to match it’s appearance.

No its just a lvl 1 simple glyph it’s not lvl 20.
Also if you can’t use it as fodder aint nobody gonna even try and fuse it with anything else in case it decides to not want to be removed.

Actually, I tried it out with fusion on one of my alts. While you can’t empower anything with it, you can empower it up to 20 and then fuse it to a 3-dot green to make a blue. This was purely in the name of science.

My first char fed it to the vendor as too unreliable/broken to chance using.

…really? I didn’t remember such a thing, I just got there on my alt and… Nope, nothing special for hitting level 20 on my first green glyph. Not like what you get for hitting 20 on a talisman or weapon. Maybe level wise I somehow missed something?

To the OP, was this after leveling one glyph, or was this the first glyph you got from the Sasquatch chief? Was this a case of exiting out of a tutorial that was specifically asking you to use something, by any chance?

To be honest, this doesn’t sound like the similar issues I have seen come up in sanctuary.

As far as i know you only get 1 glyph at the Sasquach tree during the Story Mission. Nothing for fusion later on. The intent is that you follow the guide that activate together with you getting the glyph. If you don’t like that, then you should add it here Feedback & Suggestions as feedback. It is not a bug if it works as intented by the devs. That doesn’t mean it’s optimal of cause.

The bug is that how it works doesn’t match how it looks. It’s a special snowflake, but it looks just like all the other snowflakes and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. If the behavior is correct for what is desired, then the appearance (icon and/or text) needs to be changed to show that this is NOT a real glyph.

That is still feedback if you ask me. How it looks is not optimal i agree on that. But it works the way they made it to work, and as such it is not a bug. That is of cause my own opinion.