Unable to get new Clan Freelancer daily requests


After completing a daily mission for the Freelancer guild, the mission ended without getting the wait eighteen hour log.

I waited until the following day, to see if I could get a new mission, but the quest giver is acting like I still have an active mission. The only dialogue options are saying there is a mistake, I should have a quest available, and goodbye. Hitting the first option then only gives the option to say “Actually, I do have a quest.” OR good bye.

I sent in a petition about a week ago, but still haven’t heard anything back, and still can’t do daily missions.

Any advice, or help to resolve this?

You need to complete Three normal dailys to complete the freelancer mission. after that u have to leftclick RALPH to turn it in.

Thanks, but that is not the one I am referring to. Just the regular dailies in Old Athens

If you happen to have a spare Freelancers Inc. Token (from one of the missions from Palmiero), it may be worth a try to reset your dailies at Adeline Guerra to the left of Palmiero’s desk. If that doesn’t work, I think a petition is unfortunately the way to go.