Unable to kill floating thralls and pets that belong to decayed inactive player bases

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA

I am unable to do damage to thralls and pets long after the player has left the server and after their base has decayed. This is on official PVP server. I’ve tried arrows and melee weapons.

Is this a know issue?
Should I use bigger weaponry like gas and explosives? How do I remove these “remnants”

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Find a floating thrall/pet on official pvp with old remnants of bases
  2. Attempt to damage thrall/pet
  3. Try from every angle and become frustrated.
  4. Shed a single tear for wasted time.

Since thalls “decay” some time after the base is gone, if you are not sure how long it has been, maybe wait a week or so. They should be gone in 2 weeks after owner gone, but it could happen that it takes longer.
As for “bigger weaponry” - half joking, half serious: Did you try pulling a local (tall) boss there, presuming thralls are not floating too high?

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I think even the tallest boss wouldn’t reach sadly.

No. I didn’t think that would matter on a PVP server. No buildings around.

Bit strange not being able to do damage during non-raid hours. Followers being a thing

The game makes the distinction between player owned thralls and wild enemy NPCs. They protect your thralls from damage during non-raid hours as stated by @zerog

Also, if you have access, get the Firespark arrows and stack bleed on them. this will do the job quicker than pure damage.
Highest BOW you can make, FIRESPARK Arrow, if not highest Arrow you can obtain, armor pen on bow. then just fire away. may take a while.

If they don;t have sandstorm masks,setite mask or Godbreaker helm, then gas them. You will need to hit them directly to get the cloud in their area.

so there is no landclaim, build

reduce your proximity to target, get right up on him, put a door, a drawbridge, whatever you like - BOX HIM IN

Concussive damage is the way to go, don’t kill them dressed in full armor, just knock them out and take them for your self. You still get the armor too

I guess It’s because I don’t leave my thralls to be picked off. Island base. Can’t exactly shoot them or pick them off due to render distance and walls. I can see why it’s a thing though.

I’m sure other players aren’t as well placed in the exile lands and require thralls out per se.

Yea. I think I’m just going to knock them all out and thrall them. It was the PVP raid time thing. More Dalinsias for the collection

I think I have mixed feelings about “raid times” in general though now.

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there are other options besides official servers where this can be manipulated to the setting you prefer.

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