Unable to kill sleeping bodies

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: North America

Not sure if this is a new or known issue but I’ve seen it several times in the last month. First time I was in a clan on a private server when we were offline raided. We were accused of cheating in that one of our players (in the base) was floating and they were unable to kill him (they had no problems killing everyone else). When I looked at the event logs, it showed the player in question being killed multiple times (20+). As a result the admin thought we were cheating and wiped our base (accused us of using body vault).

Same thing has now happened to me on an official server. We were offline raided and my bedroll in the base destroyed but yet when I logged in, I was still there with everything on me. When I checked the event logs, I see the raider killing me multiple times.

Not sure what is causing this but on both occasions the players were logged off within a base.

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Just curious with the lack of responses, has no one else seen this?

Just odd that I never seen it before and in less than a month I see it happen twice (once to a clan member and once to me personally).

When I explained this to another player recently he said something about it maybe being due to poisons? Not sure what that really meant but the guy that did raid/try to kill me was notorious for using a venom spear on folks. Could there be something about about using venom/poison on sleeping bodies?

This is totally new to me, first time I ever saw anything of this nature.

Time to call the big guns

Hi @Octavian, we’ll forward this matter to our team so that they can attempt to reproduce it on our end, do you recall any further details, such as where your character logged off and whether he was on top of a placeable or not, when the issue occurred?

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My character (on the Official server) was sleeping on a ceiling tile that was destroyed in the raid therefore I might have been “floating” in the air.

When the same thing happened to my clan member on the private server, the admin said that he was “floating” as well (and as mentioned they were convinced it was a body vault trick of some sort since they could not kill his sleeping body).

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