UNable to log-in via Steam (2)

The problem still persists. Still getting “cannot connect to the login server… (etc)” anything which can be done on our side?

You can try to clear your Steam cache (done in Steam) and also this;
So as a temporary workaround until all servers are fixed, you can change your file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts to include the following line at the end: um.live.secretworldlegends.com

Nicolas Noble found this out and apparently it is working based on other people =)

Note that this file change is something you only should do if you are comfortable doing it. Also remember to take a copy of the original file and save it somewhere safe so you can replace it incase something goes wrong.


This worked for me. Thanks for the tricky tip ! :slight_smile:

Just a remark for Funcom developers and community manager : this has to be fixed automaticaly, otherwise you will lose alot of players (and that would be become a huge commercial fail for Funcom…)

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I would like to point out that I’m not aware of reports of massive issues with Steam Authentification for any other games. Is anyone else?

Because if not, Funcom might want to ask Valve how/why this seems rather game specific.

This is a DNS related issue, and then it cannot be attributed to Steam.


Also, why is there a third topic on this?

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Does this have anything to do with Steam making all profiles private recently on the new EU law?
Or a possible conflict with authentication with other games that have been linked or converted from Client > Steam versions?
(I only mention it because the same day this started was the same day i received a notif from greenman gaming that all steam clients had been set to “private” with the new Data protection law)

Why is this still happening?
Oh… don’t answer that…

The Steam login issues we were seeing over the last few days should now be fully resolved. Please try again at your next convenience.

We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve this as swiftly as possible :cat:

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