Unable to loot decayed bases

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Please please fix this if it’s a bug. If it’s intentional, please reconsider. I know a bunch of people on my PVE server who log on every day just to check on bases that are decaying. It’s a fun thing to do when you don’t enjoy PVP and you’ve built so many bases that you cant afford to feed all your thralls anymore.

A week ago I logged on to find some stupid game bug had destroyed 8 cupboards, 1 chest and a brew barrel inside my base (not the first time I’ve had stations and boxes disappear mysteriously). One of the lockers was full of my T4 thrall collection, one had armour and one had weapons for the thralls. Now I find I can’t even get unwanted items from other people to help me rebuild?

I suppose this bug/change does mean it’s easier for me to leave the game without worrying about what someone’s going to do with all my hoarded materials. And it does give me more time to feed my thralls since there’s no reason to explore the map anymore…


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Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. See a base explode before your eyes OR
  2. Break into a decayed base and destroy a chest
  3. Try to loot the bag
  4. Get annoyed at the “This doesn’t belong to you” message

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We were indeed informed yesterday that it was an intended change and it has been patched out to PC.
After reviewing how the other similar objects worked (thralls, player corpses) it was concluded that the rule should be equivalent for bases too.

For example:
if you destroy a container you would not be able to access on a PVE server you also cannot access the resulting lootbag.

This is still working as before on consoles because it was part of the recent PC Patch to remove the Halloween event.

I have however noted your feedback down and will make sure to get it back to the team.


Thank you Cardinal. I really hope they change it back :frowning:

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I have a question did anyone complain about people looting their base after they quit playing on a server I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have so why change something when no one have a problem with it PVE is just about the fact that no one cant destroy your base that your playing on because that gets old having to rebuild just because someone is a dick but I wouldn’t care I would rather someone take the stuff I worked for if I’m not using it anymore rather than have it just disappear. Your change and your reasoning for it are stupid fix other stuff not mess with thing that are fine

This is a waste of on server materials… people who let their bases decay still won’t have the items. However, our server has helped people a TON who came back after their base decayed and we helped them rebuild with the items recovered from their decayed base… if this isn’t reversed then PVE is dead. I mean the game is pretty much dead already, but it will be REALLY dead now.


“Demolish” has destroyed original CE PVE © gameplay resulting in players running around the map 24/7, tapping builds with hammers.
We call them Decayhunters on our server.

It’s a special breed, they set timers for it. They are usually filthy rich by it.

I am.:hugs: But im clean now.

Imo changing gameplay back to original was an excellent and logical choice.

Above that its bugged (ish) so exp players can manipulate it to their advantage.

It’s a different game. That game is not Conan Exiles, it’s well… “Decayhunters” :slight_smile:

Nice niche for a mod

Play on a dead pvp server if you want to profit off of being a bottom feeder.

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That’s not really what it’s about. On my server we generally use it to rescue as much as possible for the eventual return of the owner (sometimes weeks or months down the line). But whatever, the feature is gone (to no-one’s gain, really, now the stuff will just despawn instead).

Yes that was a positive side of it, agree.

Again the bad things interfere with the good.

Mayby our stance should be changed, player responsibility,
there is a pretty good event log to anticipate now.

Not as social as we would like tho, it was a way to show respect to players who lived long with us and who lost the grip on decay for instance.

There is however a bug which covers this, our perspective, handy enough.
It will be a revelation for you in the above context.
If you want to know drop me a pm.

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