Unable to place thralls in my base

I hope someone can help me.
We play Conan Exiles now more than 600 h. Now we start on Siptha on our Server.
I build a new Base, and if its ready I want to bring all my stuff in my new Base. Everithing is fine. Theres only a Problem with my Thralls. I can`t place them there.

I have Screenshots, but i cant load them up here. It`s not permitted for new member. :-/

Please excuse my bad english.

Which error message are you gtting them trying to place a thrall?

Are these existing thralls, or new, freshly-broken ones you’re placing for the first time?

Where exactly is your base located?

I have the same problem on exiled lands.
Suddenly since yesterday we can’t place animals or any other followers anywhere anymore.
We always get the error “overlay with already placed object” - this is inside and outside of our base.
We are 4 people on a privat server and all in one clan

In your case you can solve any placement issue on private servers with simple mods
Refer to this post on how:

Thank you!
We will try that.

It worked!
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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