Unable to purchase Focus in agartha

So I made a total n00b mistake (it’s been a few years since I played), and I upgraded one of my weapons with my Chaos focus. This means I lost it and cannot use it anymore. I went to Agartha to buy more, and it is all grayed out, so I can’t even select it. How to I get my focus back?

If you upgraded one of your weapons with it then its gone forever. However, this is hard to do as it gives you a warning. If you sold it to a vendor however then you can buy it back provided you have enough space in your inventory and enough anima shards to purchase it back.

Yeah I did a dumbass mistake. It’s gone. The warning popped up, and I didn’t get a chance to read it before it closed (I think I hit something).

I assume I could not get that one back, but it would be nice to be able to buy a new one or something. I feel like I am screwed until I can do that.

Thanks for the reply!

I lost it when I did a weapons upgrade. The thing is, I went to Agartha to buy another one, and it won’t let me (all of the items are grayed out, so I can’t even select them to buy one)

Just to clarify, where exactly are you trying to buy said focus? From one of vendors in booth or from auctioneers? Maybe screenshot could help a bit?

If it’s with vendors, iirc they sell things for TAF, and if you have no enough TAF it, well, won’t let you buy anything.

In addition to the cost, the purple weapons that you can buy from the vendor in Agartha still require level 50 to use. They’re only really meant to be used as fusion fodder.

That is super good to know, Thanks! I wound up getting my focus back through a reward. Honestly that is all I cared about for the time being, I played ASW before the legends upgrade, and now I gotta redo a lot of this stuff over again and I completely forgot how… CURSE YOU, COVID FOR TRAPPING ME IN MY HOUSE!! shakes fist

It actually wound up fixing itself. I got my focus on a reward drop, so I can at least continue playing. Thank you for the response though!

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