Unable to relearn twitch drops in feats/knowlege page in online servers but still accessable in single player

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Server Name: Crimson Moon 18+ Discord

Bug Description:

I know there were issues with the twitch drop event last year which took longer than anticipated for everyone to recieve. But once you got them they would show up in your feats/knowlege page, you didnt need to learn them they were learned ready to be crafted in there respected bentches… Now my issue is Im only able to use my twitch drops in single player. On a private server they show up in my feats/knowlege page,but its seems that I need to “relearn” them again which does nothing when you select them to. Which means I cant craft any of the watchers decor/armor. This issue began after the age of sorcery update and now persists into PS4 Update 3.0.1

Bug Reproduction:

If you play on console(ps4) and participated on the twitch drop event last year you most likely unable relearn the feats for the twitch drops after patch 3.0


Same here there is/was alot of items that i couldnt “learn” despite having already learned them

The twitch drops issue is known since they came out. Alas 3.0 still did not fix this at all. I also got them on my account but cannot use them on my game, private server or admin mode anymore.

Knowing funcom and their track record most likely this report will be ignored regardless if comes up as “report recieved”. Maybe im being pessimistic or maybe im just being a realist but most likely this wont be fixed any time soon. Minumun of 6-9 months at maximum years, like all other bugs they fail to fix.