Unable to set Specific resolution and refresh rate I want to use


Hey Guys,

I am running a 3D setup and need to run a specific resolution and Refresh rate for it too work. Now the problem is when I select this resolution 1280 x 720 the resolution on my Projector show 11280 x 800 @ 60Hz, I need it to be set at 1280 x 720 @120 Hz…

Now this worked fine on my Old Projector but I bought a new Projector and now I get this…

The other thing is I need to set a specific Hertz rate too which is 120Hz but it seems to default to 60Hz??

Here are my system specs:

  1. Intel i5 7600K
  2. MSI Z270 SLI Motherboard.
  3. Corsair Vengence 16GB 3000mhz.
  4. Asus 1080GTX Video card
  5. SoundBlaster Z
  6. Windows 10 64bit…
  7. Optoma HD 142X DLP PRojecotr 3D TV Play


OK It seems Conan exiles selects whatever the native resolution is set in the .INF file and goes from there… I am wondering what is the sence of having graphics option ingame to change resolution when it just does that??

I Can select 1920 x 1080 but not 1280 x 720… Is this going to be fixed in the release version… I am also having trouble getting 3D vision Compatibility Mode to work properly…


Well upon firther review it seems I can set at most other resolutions except for the one I want… I was able to change to 1920 x 1080 but when I set it for 1280 x 720 it stays set at 1280 x 800??

I was also able to get the 3D working but it is broke badly… I am still not able to select Compatibility mode for 3D vision…

I am just gonna wait until release and see what happens… I am Not expecting a 3D vision fix but would be nice


I was able to finally find a workaround to get the correct hz rate and resolution. Plus I found a solution to get compatibility mode working…

To get Compatibility mode working I needed to set the NVidia Profile to Far Cry 4…