Unable to stat the game (Steam)

Hello, My problem is that when I’m start the game from steam, the launcher start to launch again and again, but no the game, it pachs again, and again, but the game don’t start; Any sugestión plis?

  • Did you restart your hardware ? Computer and router.
    (Turn it off, unplug it, wait 30sec/1min before turning it on again)

  • Launch Steam : be sure the Steam Overlay is enabled (Settings\In-Game) and Steam is not in Offline Mode.

  • Start the SWL patcher, select [Options] and be sure [Full Client] is checked.
    Validate with [Apply]. It should be downloading the missing files. If not, try to restart the SWL launcher.

  • On Windows, be sure you don’t have any firewall warning popup when you launch the game. Add an exception into your firewall settings for SecretWorldLegends.exe (for DX9) and/or SecretWorldLegendsDX11.exe

  • You can try to reinstall the game.
    But tbh your issue looks like a connectivity problem with the server.