Unable to use Inventory Items

This has been happening since yesterday. I would try to open bags or use items for empowerment but nothing would happen. I can’t even move them around my inventory. I did find that selling them to a vendor and buying them back would fix this problem but that won’t work in the case of objects you can’t sell (obviously).

Can confirm as of two months later. Bags cant be opened, which is a requirement for new players to move on during the required Tutorial. No fresh meat I guess.

I am having the same issue. I have 5 loot bags that I can’t open and can’t move.

I just started having this issue. I tried rebuilding the RDB hatches (going into the file Secret World Legends\RDB and deleting le.idx and le.idx.previous). My inventory went from unusable, to usable occasionally, with a lot of clicking.

Still no real fix. :frowning: