Unable To Utilise Orochi Lifts To Access Corresponding Company Floor

Despite having completed ‘The Eight-Headed Serpent’ story arc and having all eight orochi company missions available in the lobby, I am currently unable to utilise them as every lift in the lobby leads to the Boardroom rather than their corresponding company/mission floor.

I suspect that this issue will resolve after completing the Penthouse floor in the following story arc ‘Confrontations and Revelations’, however until that time having these missions available that cannot be completed should be classed as bug.

The entirety of the Orochi Tower, including the Boardroom and the Penthouse, is originally part of the same update. It’s by design that you need to finish all of it, before you start repeating anything. The bug in this would be that you can take these missions at all, before having finished “Confrontation and Revelations”. I assume some flagging wasn’t done right, when they changed how it works with repeating the floors again, once you are done.

Once you have completed any level you have the boardroom key.
It could be that when your clicking on the buttons it is selecting the card swipe to the right of the buttons thus taking you to the penthouse, try aiming left of the lift buttons, see if that helps.

My understanding is that the boardroom key is only available after ‘Climbing Anansi’…

Recticle mode mouse-over of any lift controls provides the correct floor designation i.e Travel Zagan, Travel Anansi Technologies, but interaction provides the same single dialogue box ‘Do You Want To Travel To The Board Room Yes/No’.

Interestingly the lift button itself is red, not the expected yellow outline of interactable objects.