Unablt to repair Asuras armour?

I recently broke a piece of my asuras armour set and i am unable to repair it with anything. Does any1 know how to repair this?

As far as I know, it’s not craftable, so you can’t fix it once it’s completely broken. The trick is to use armor patch kit while it’s damaged, but before it breaks completely.


Unfortunately I dont. Asura armour is classed as a Legendary item, and Legendaries cannot be repaired once broken. Honestly, you are probably best to just toss the broken piece, and start refarming Sinners Refuge until you reobtain the broken piece. An unwritten law of Conan Exiles is to never let any Legendary item get too close to its breaking point.


And also to farm up a bunch of spares to keep for when you inevitable break one :smiley:

It probably wouldnt hurt. However I have only ever broken the one Legendary Item, then I learned my lesson, and became very mindful of their condition.

At least on PC, the Asura’s armor is classified as High Grade rather than Legendary. As such, I keep mine in working condition by using Master (rather than Legendary) Armor Repair Kits on them.

Of course, if it’s actually broken, then you’ll need to do like the other have said and farm Sinner’s Refuge for genuine replacement parts.

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