Unannounced Purge?!

So im minding my own business in my base and i can hear a ton of fighting outside.
I go out and a 3 skull Rockslide and a bunch of Rocknoses are breaking down my walls.

Thanks to the 20 odd greater bears and wolves they didn’t get far …

But… no notification of a Purge. The purge bar was only about 10% full… no where near time.
Just a single wave.

Checked the Event log and it shows the normal info except for notifications of a purge starting and finishing. Playing on the PS4, office server.

Any ideas???


Your neighbour got one and you were on the way.


Do you have any neighbors? Maybe it was their Purge.

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I don’t think so… its a pretty wide area and my nearest neighbour isn’t near at all and only built 2 days ago although they’ve built lot so its possible i guess they had a purge already.
The area between us is very wide, I’d be surprised if I was in the line of sight.

Anyways thanks for the replies


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