Unblemished human meat?

I’m confused by this. I’m a Mitra worshipper, and I see in order to make an Offering to Mitra, I need unblemished human meat. Never mind that the game’s own info about the religion states that he “abhors the bloody rituals of other religions and prefers for his followers to perform dignified, purification rituals.” It gets worse: His religion promotes monotheism, but in order to get the thing he requires for his Offering, you need a Yog Cleaver…which can apparently only be made by Yog worshippers. What?

So yeah, I’m confused. How is one supposed to acquire unblemished human meat–never mind that requiring it doesn’t actually make any damned sense given how this religion is supposed to function?

Don’t the Mitra religion also allow you to craft an item (Ankh something?) that can make the meat? I seem to remember it working like that… but that was ages ago. Haven’t tried recently.

Ceronesthes is correct.
You will have to steal meat from yoggites and hearts from setites to craft that thing.

However dont care about doing so!
It wont create something special, just one zeal.

Nope, the ankh harvests something like the rest of some soul.
Its the yog cleaver for meat and set dagger for hearts.


Yeah you’re right, my memory’s playing tricks on me :+1:

OP’s making a point, and it could be philosophical. The problem is when there are bugs on a page, it’s hard to make out some of the words.

Here’s the deal though. During this time, a Nemedian named Arus stumbled out of the wilderness and confronted the savage Picts. It was his motions, his teachings and the underpinnings of his faith that would undo the Aquilonian hold, break the Bossonian buffer and allow an empire to be built. All in the name of Mitra.

Importantly, his travels mimic the real-world perils and progress of autodidact eideteker Matteo Ricci, who placed the bible into his memory palace and brought it to China. Big things have small beginnings. The “allowing” of other religious implements (instead of the prohibition of THERE SHALT BE NO OTHER GOD) is key to the success of both of these stories.

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