Unclaimable X-thrall

When I first started the game after launch date (been playing sine early release) I had a small home and 2 thralls. I then created a clan so friends could join me. all of my stuff remained mine except the 2 thralls which have been in my base since I had them. I can’t reclaim them, I can’t move them since they don’t belong to me. Now I’m upgrading my base and can’t lay building blocks down since they are in the way. Can you please help?

kill them and they should go away

can’t. on pve. was the first thing I tried

make some npc thralls or wolves or anything like that follow you home and let them in to kill them

I’m on an official PVE server and I live in a castle.

I’m going to need the programs to either make them claimable or destroy them.

the environmental animals/thralls will be easily killed by you when you are done. can you make stairs or ramps to get the animals to the thralls you want removed

no. I live in a castle with massive walls.

I bet with some creativity you can add some temporary doors etc of you really really want them gone

where it stands, I need to put foundations and its about 2 foundations deep.

you did give me an idea though. made an opening in the castle wall and made a pathway with ceiling tiles and am about to lore a scorpion in hopes it runs out after it

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