"Unconcious" player animations

First… Eyes closed!
That endless stare is creepy!

Next, would like to suggest some subtle additions to the current pose, like breathing.

Maybe idle animation changes, or random pose when they are loaded, that changes from time to time, like idle animations.

Pose suggestions -
alternate back - one leg bent, one arm stretched over head
Prim/relaxed - another back pose alternate, basically the funeral pose, arms resting with fingers clasped over stomach
Laying on side - resting on side, limbs lightly bent
Fetal position - curled up more tightly on side
Sprawled - legs and arms splayed in a somewhat random position, mouth open, drool and all!
stomach - arms crossed under their heads

Idle animations -
Deep sigh
Snore (with sound)
slightly shift but stay in same position - move a leg, stretch a little, but returns back to the original position
Scratch and yawn - acts like waking up but goes back to sleep

I know these aren’t likely to happen, but they would be a fun little addition to the sleeping player characters.
At the least, please close their eyes!


And also:
Posssibility to make them smile

love the idea! More Immersion and rp!

do it in dev kit i wanna see your work

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