Unconquered and game crash

Hello, it has happened to me several times, over level 67, that the game crashed with a message to send information to funcom and I am dead on reentry. Could pets from a necro keep me alive until I return to the game? Is there a better class to avoid this?
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Tanks sometimes have a better chance of surviving since they have more HP and armor. When it happened to me I was able to log back in quick and still had like 30% of my HP.

you can also create a copy of your game, start it a second time to be prepared to log into your account in 5 seconds, so you dont have to wait for the patcher etc. when ran in windowed mode and minimized you dont have much of a performance issue;
best for surviving should be Soldiers, epsecially DTs due to their retaliatory damage. Covenant of pestilence and curse of gwahlur do a good job of killing the mobs while keeping you alive as well. when in def stance you can kill 1-2 mobs of your level passively before they kill you.

Spec around level 58: https://joharaoc.eu/feat?link=v10_11f11174113041168811cc6111d411d8e1155811ad01230411a0c123d012624126881143011494126f012048
forget covenant of arms while questing, the retaliatory damage of pestilence is more or less the same of a fully specced covenant of arms when you have aggro and dont have Vom yet (lvl 80) - and pull around 3-4 enemies - while giving you more survivability and a safety valve. use Seal of Chaos in bigger groups and turn on Soul Barrier while draining large amounts of mana and life. use 2 versions of Leech Life (3 and whatever else) to have perma zone of gluttony up. When used correctly DT is a beast for Unconquered.

Necros are also good, but the pets only attack your current target and dont switch to a new one automatically if the current dies and you dont keep attacking yourself. but since you should be spreading dots like flesh to worm or mark of the devourer and you should have Flesh of the Wight active, chances are high that you can survive a crash because the monsters died somewhat passively.
level 60 spec i’d use for unconq - didnt level a necro since 2012 though ^^:

Depends on what you’re fighting, but if you keep pets on defend you should be relatively safe.

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Thank you very much for the answers.
I will continue with the necro that is at lvl 21, if I fail I will try a DT.
The pet goes in defense mode and in AA I use everything that enhances the pet.

The necro is a very good option for unconquered, the pet are a good insurance for game failures and misdirections.
At level 51 levear is a walk. I carry this build.

Finally unconquered